Zustand for State Management 1 exercises

State Management with Zustand

Implementing Zustand: A More Streamlined Approach to State Management

Zustand (German for "state") is a popular state management library created by Daishi Kato. It offers a more streamlined approach compared to Redux, while following the same unidirectional m

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00:00 Zustand is a very popular state management library for my friend, Daishi Kato. It is a lot more streamlined than Redux, but it follows that same Redux unidirectional model, which makes it very popular. Of course, it's a curse and blessing for me because I have to say

00:16 the word zustand all the time, and I think he just grabbed it from a grab bag of different words for the word state. Zustand in German means state. Okay, so what we're going to do

00:30 is we're going to take the 03 cart context with initial state example and create 07 complete zustand and then implement the whole example in zustand. Now, I recommend using two different

00:48 stores. Use that multi-store approach like we did with cart provider and with reviews provider. Use two different zustand state hooks to manage the state. Use one for the cart and then another for the reviews. If you have any questions about how to use zustand,

01:07 please look in the resources associated with this video. Good luck.