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    The No-BS Solution for Enterprise-Ready Next.js Applications

    Professional Next.js Training

    You know how to build React apps. Your Next.js app is humming along. You are productive and confident.

    You’re comfortable.

    Or are you?

    Just when you thought you had it all figured out with React apps and Next.js, the React landscape has shifted completely.

    React Server Components and the App router are here, and they're not going anywhere.

    This isn't just a minor update - it's a seismic shift that's shaking the foundations of your Next.js apps. The component lifecycle, data loading, data movement from server to client, even the basics of structuring your component tree - everything is in flux.

    But what if you could turn this upheaval into an opportunity? What if you could not only adapt to these changes but also leverage them to create more powerful, efficient, and robust applications?

    Pro NextJS is your guide through this new terrain.

    With Pro NextJS, you'll:

    Embrace the Shift

    Understand the radical changes to the component lifecycle and the new paradigms for loading data and moving it from server to client.

    Master New Tools

    Learn everything you need to know about React Server Components, Server Actions, API Routes, streaming responses and Suspense, Nested Layouts and all the features that the App Router supports.

    Stay Ahead of the Curve

    Client state management, querying new data, and mutating data on the server have all evolved. Stay ahead of these changes and ensure you and your team are riding the wave of React Server Components into the future.

    Pro NextJS isn’t just a guide - it's your trusted ally, your secret weapon.

    We've done the heavy lifting, sifting through the muck to figure out the patterns, practices, tools, and techniques that work. With Pro NextJS, you won't just survive these changes - you'll thrive.

    Imagine a world where you're not just using NextJS, but you’ve mastered it.

    A world where you're building world-class, production-ready, enterprise-quality React applications with ease.

    No more fighting the framework.

    Harness the full power of React and NextJS.

    That's the world Pro NextJS can help you create.

    It's time to stop fearing change and start embracing it. With Pro NextJS, you can navigate the future of web development with confidence and ease.

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    Jack Herrington

    Meet Your Instructor

    Jack Herrington is a Full Stack Principal Engineer who orchestrated the rollout of React/NextJS at Walmart Labs and Nike. He is also the "Blue Collar Coder" on YouTube where he posts weekly videos on advanced use of React and NextJS as well as other frontend technologies trends. His YouTube channel hosts an entire free courses on React and TypeScript. He has written seven books including most recently No-BS TypeScript which is a companion book to the YouTube course.