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Forms Management with Next.js App Router

Jack Herrington
Jack Herrington
Forms Management with Next.js App Router

Enterprise-Grade Forms in Next.js

Setting up secure and visually appealing forms is a task every developer faces eventually.

There are a lot of moving parts to consider, so it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of options available at every step of the decision-making process: There are decisions to make about libraries to use, client-side and server-side validation approaches, and data submission strategies. And when you through a Next.js App Router application into the mix, things can get even more complex.

Fortunately, this overwhelm is about to become a thing of the past.

In this Forms Management in Next.js tutorial, you'll learn everything you need to confidently implement forms in your Next.js App Router application.

Topics include:

Building Appealing Form UI

Create form UI elements with shadcn and Tailwind CSS.

Seamless Validation with Zod

Implement schema validation with Zod to guarantee data integrity across client and server.

Managing State with React Hook Form

Use React Hook Form for form state management and client-side validation.

Four Submission Strategies

Examples of four unique methods for submitting form data:

  • Sending a JSON payload to an API endpoint
  • Sending a form data payload to an API endpoint
  • Sending a data object to a server action
  • Sending a form data object to another server action.

Getting Started

This tutorial is split into several exercises, each building upon the next. Watch the video, read the text, and follow along with the instructions. When prompted, try to implement the next steps on your own.

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