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What Node Version Should I Use With NextJS?

Jack Herrington
Jack Herrington
August 6th, 2023

Q: What node version should I use with NextJS?

A: The documentation says the current minimum node version for NextJS 13, which includes both the Pages and App Router, is Node 16.8. Though personally I use either 18 or 20.

Another related question is "what version manager should I use?" since Node is constantly adding new features and versions so keeping up to date is important. Certainly nvm is very popular. Volta is also very good and quite fast.

But did you know that you can also use pnpm to do your Node version management using the use commands in the in CLI? That is really cool because you don't need to install an additional package manager if you already have pnpm, which a lot of folks to since it's a fantastic alternative to npm.

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Jack Herrington

Written by Jack Herrington

Jack Herrington is a Full Stack Principal Engineer who orchestrated the rollout of React/NextJS at Walmart Labs and Nike. He is also the "Blue Collar Coder" on YouTube where he posts weekly videos on advanced use of React and NextJS as well as other frontend technologies trends. His YouTube channel hosts an entire free courses on React and TypeScript. He has written seven books including most recently No-BS TypeScript which is a companion book to the YouTube course.